2 Secrets to a Sexy and Strong Body with Good Muscle Tone

Posted on Nov 20 2018 - 11:18pm by Expert-Zine

a fit woman holding an orange barbellWhen you are sexy and strong, you are irresistible and unstoppable. Every woman aspiring to lose weight and gain muscle can attain these qualities with a few lifestyle changes. Yet, it is not as easy as just going to a fitness studio for women in Lexington and hoping you will get toned legs and a firm tummy in a few weeks’ time.

Here are some tips on gaining lean muscle while also shedding a few extra pounds:

Workout tips

Being active and engaging in exercise help prevent unnecessary weight gain. Not all types of exercise improve muscle tone, though. Even if you walk for an hour every day, your arm muscles will not become more defined. Muscle changes with strengthening and strength programs usually require the use of weight or resistance. By choosing to engage in strength training program for all major muscles, you are taking a beeline to achieve your goal.

Resistance bands and dumbbells are enough when you are starting. Set aside three consecutive days for three-to-four sets of ten repetitions per movement and you will see results in as little as three to four weeks. If you want to have bigger muscles, then go to a gym and maximize the benefits of available strengthening equipment there.

Diet tips

When you search for dietary advice online, you will likely be bombarded with “eat more protein.” Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. You must provide the body with the nutrients and raw materials it needs to build and tone muscle. There’s no need to eat like a weightlifter when all you really want is just a firmer muscle tone from neck to foot. Turn your back on carbohydrate sources and focus on proteins so that you can also avoid weight gain while improving muscle tone.

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You can build more tone with specific exercises for target muscles, along with a dietary program that emphasizes protein intake. You can change your body for the better and it is best to start now.