3 Car Hire Scams You Need to Beware Of

Posted on May 10 2018 - 7:41pm by Alonzo Callahan

Woman renting a carBelieve it or not, you have probably encountered one or more vehicle hire scams in the past, although you might not have realised it at the time. You search online and find an offer you think is the best, only to pay more at the agency.

Well, here is a list of the most common car hire rip-offs you need to be aware of so you become a wiser customer the next time you are thinking of getting a minibus for hire in Sydney.

1. Unnecessary fuel charges

The majority of car rentals will insist on fuelling the car for you. The problem is they tend to overcharge you for the fuel, so it is always a good idea to do it yourself.

If you are going to return the car with a full tank, be sure to refuel at a gas station nearest to the agency, so you are not charged an inflated amount for a missing litre or so of fuel.

2. The insurance rip-off

Sure, it is essential that you have car insurance for your rental, but most of the time, your own insurance provider can provide it at a much lower price.

Do not let the car rental agency insist on you to buy insurance if your insurer already has you covered. Of course, you will need to call your provider first before leaving home just to be sure.

3. Unrealistic damage charges

Some unscrupulous car rental agents would be happy to charge unsuspecting customers for damages that were there when the customer hired the car. Do not fall victim to that. The solution is to go through every inch of the car before renting it, taking note of any dents, no matter how small.

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Do not be rushed by the salesman. Document any blemish you see and make sure that you and the salesman are on the same page.

There are, certainly, many other car rental scams that exist out there, but these are perhaps the commonest ones. By being vigilant, you can avoid falling for any of these scams and save your hard-earned dollars.