3 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Broker

Posted on Jan 12 2018 - 8:14am by Expert-Zine

Shipping containers on port with overlayA good customs broker will be there to ensure that all goes smoothly and your goods are cleared through customs effectively and efficiently. They also help with the documentation, as well as ensure the duties and other related taxes are calculated and paid promptly.

However, due to the ever-increasing number of customs brokers, finding the right one can be an uphill task. Below is a three-point guide on how you should get one.


Consider hiring a broker who specializes in offering cargo shipping and clearing services in the Philippines such as Cheska Freight, particularly one that is well-versed in the logistics of the goods you provide. They are aware of the unique laws and regulations applicable to your kind of products.

Duties and taxes also vary across the board. Choosing the wrong broker can prove to be disastrous for you.


Don’t take the word a customs broker as gospel truth. Do your research and establish their reputation in the market. One way of getting this information is by contacting their past clients. Ask them whether they were satisfied with the service and whether they would employ the broker again.

Ask for referrals

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first broker you come across. Ask friends, peers, or even transport companies to refer you to a reliable customs broker. Once you have two or three brokers on your list, do due diligence and establish how genuine they are.

You will get a chance to know the strengths of each one of them as well as compare prices hence making an informed decision.

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Trying to clear goods on your own can lead to serious losses. That’s why you need the services of an experienced customs broker to handle it for you. With the above tips, finding the right broker out there should be a breeze.