3 Important Tasks of Data Management

Posted on Sep 8 2017 - 8:48pm by Expert-Zine

Business partners on a management meetingManaging a database is not just about setting up the data structure and adding entries one after another. You will need someone to manage the system to make it easier to use and optimise it to save storage space.

Here are some important tasks associated with database management:

Data Clean-up

Obsolete data can fill up your storage space and create clutter that reduces productivity and efficiency. If useless data remains in your system, you would have less space free for new, more relevant data. A leading data cleansing solutions company like INEO can offer help in making sure your database is up to date and only storing data that you still need. If you don’t want to lose the data completely, you may ask them about archiving or storing old data somewhere else.

Ensuring Data Quality

When managing big data, you are handling information that requires large virtual storage space. Make sure your database is set to accommodate the data size you need so that you will not have any problems with data corruption and overwrites. This task also involves keeping backups of the database so that if something goes wrong, you can avoid data loss.

Data Recovery

Any database administrator will tell you that it’s a big mistake to not keep backups of your database. This is a task that can be done automatically every day, week, or month. It depends on how often you are making changes on the database and on how much data it holds. If you’re not making a lot of changes, you can set a monthly backup. You can also backup a database manually anytime you need to. Store these backups outside your server. In case something happens, you want to be able to recover your database using the backup.

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The core of any business is data. Database management is one of the tasks that you should be delegating to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.