3 Novel Birthday Ideas to Make the Party Memorable

Posted on Jul 3 2018 - 12:25pm by Expert-Zine

Family Celebrating Child's BirthdayBirthdays are fantastic, no doubt about that. There’s nothing quite like having friends over for a feast celebrating life. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional way of how birthday celebrations are done, but if you love fun and spontaneity, it’s time to bust out some novel ideas to make it extra enjoyable. These ideas will make sure your guests have a great time and that they would remember every moment of it:

1. Design Your Own Cake

If the celebrant knows there’s a party coming up, why not have them be part of the planning too? There are ways for you to build a cake online and have it made in time for the party. It’s something that’s rarely done. Plus, this ensures that the celebrant likes the cake they would slice and eat!

2. Go For an Unusual Theme

Themed parties are a blast to hold because everyone gets together to make the party happen as you have envisioned it. Now, if you can think of uncommon themes for the birthday, like, say, unicorns or some obscure concept, character, or show the celebrant loves, it would even be better. You’ll have to explain the theme to the guests, but the work will pay off for sure. You can also insert fun activities that go well with the theme you chose. For instance, if the theme is mad science, you can set up booths where their guests can run fun science experiments — with lab coats and all!

3. Be a Bit Sappy

Turning the birthday celebration into something touching or, if you wish, romantic can also work wonders. Do activities that highlight the life of the celebrant and keep it close to their heart as much as possible. If you’re lucky, there will be tears of joy — now that’s something you’d remember.

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Birthdays don’t always have to follow the same formula. With a bit of creativity (or a mad genius, if you will), you can create something unforgettable out of a tradition.