3 Obvious Signs Your Office Needs Cleaning

Posted on Jun 13 2016 - 7:13am by Expert-Zine

Commercial Cleaning in AucklandWhile you’re busy working to earn and get promoted, you might not give much thought to cleaning up outside of the pantry. Imagine all the dirt and smell accumulating in the workplace. Don’t you feel grossed out? There could be signs pointing to a serious need for cleaning.

Commercial cleaning professionals in Auckland and other parts of NZ list some of them:

Ghostly Stains

Remember those horror or suspense thriller movies when the camera pans right onto the pane of glass or window and there are these mysterious hand prints on them? You can wipe such stains thoroughly at the end of the day without trouble. In time, a brand new table looks more like a prop in a play about an asylum. You don’t want that to happen. Hire someone who knows how to remove stains from different surfaces in the most effective manner.

Dust Devils

Surfaces left untouched or objects that are rarely used collect dust and grime through neglect. While it’s the responsibility of the cleaning staff to remove dirt, there will always be hidden corners where dust gathers together and even put you and your employees at risk. There are some homes and offices that have had walls darken through months of simple neglect. If you can practically write your name on it, then you’ve neglected your surfaces for too long.

Horrible Smell

Typical with sofas, chairs, tables, or any furniture that people come in contact with, many offices start to emit odd smells when not cleaned properly. Leather has a tendency to accumulate sweat and other materials suck it up like a sponge. Even air conditioners, air filters, and purifiers can become useless or even a health hazard if not cleaned properly. The same goes for refrigerators, which ends up with food that remains untouched for weeks.

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Cleanliness is an often neglected responsibility in the workplace because of hectic schedules. People usually depend on a cleaning staff to handle such tasks. However, it is everyone’s job to keep their own areas clean and tidy. Beyond that, the company should hire its expert cleaners to do a regular upkeep of your office.