3 Office Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Posted on Jan 12 2018 - 7:23pm by Expert-Zine

colleagues at workplaceWhether you work with a team of creatives or a group of admin professionals, you need a workspace that inspires. Doing the same thing day by the day is mind-numbing as it is.

The most that you can hope for is for your workplace to offer a physical sanctuary that allows your body and mind to feel charged and rejuvenated constantly.

Here are three office trends for 2018 you may want to consider.

Third Space

The idea behind the “third space” is rather simple. Offer an office spot that can serve both social and official functions. Third spaces are areas where employees can hang out, have meetings, or do both. These areas are separate from employee cubicles, but they are not considered as function rooms either.

They are ideally comfy spots, maybe with bean bags and what-not, where professionals can exchange either healthy gossip or crucial business trends. Here is a place where a boss and their subordinate can shoot the breeze sans whatever physical concepts of hierarchies.

Unconventional Work Areas

This trend takes the third space to the next level. Instead of just providing a specific spot where office barriers are broken down, here you entirely flip over your very idea of what a workplace should look like. An unconventional work area could mean different things to different people.

For some, it could look like your favorite coffee shop. For others, it could be inspired by a collaborative playground for adults. Whatever floats your team’s boat is the gist of the concept. So long as it works.


Character is the focal point of this trend. If in the past office spaces look like rigid architectural outputs, these days offices are becoming more and more adventurous in terms of their aesthetics. Think industrial desk for sale you can buy from firms such as Urban95 planking colorful couches instead of the customary swivel chairs.

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Think cool rugs instead of old-fashioned carpets.

These trends are meant to render workspaces into something akin to a place you actually want to go to every day. In any work environment, that is no less than essential.