3 Top Tactics to Restore the Shine of Your Car

Posted on Jan 17 2018 - 7:59am by Expert-Zine

Man polishing carA squeaky clean car is the dream of most people. Unfortunately, keeping your car elegant and shiny is easier said than done. You are always fighting against the elements — the environment, and general wear and tear. Sometimes this can be immensely tiring.

But, no matter how drab or old your car looks right now, there are ways to make it shiny and attractive again. Try these tips.

Take care of rust stains

There are certainly ways to lower the risk of rust on your car’s body such as applying a paint protection film on areas most at risk.

But, even with the best protection tricks, your car will still get some rust spots. If they’re beginning to spread, you could opt for sandblasting services to remove them.

Consider repainting the car

Old paint can severely affect the appearance of your car. Sometimes, repainting the car is your best bet to getting it to look new again.

Just like in rust removal, you’ll need to take your vehicle for sandblasting before applying the fresh coat of paint. If not, you could buy all the supplies you need and do the job yourself in your garage.

Wax the car

When you still feel that your car’s current paint can last for a longer period, you may opt to wax the car instead of repainting it. The idea here is to take care of any scratches and swirl marks, enhancing the car’s paintwork.

Start by washing the car’s body thoroughly using a soft microfibre to remove all dirt and grime. Then apply quality automotive clay and lubricant to the paintwork before polishing it. This will achieve a beautiful gleam.

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You need not give up on your car when it starts to look old and drab. With just a few simple touch-ups, you can make other people on the road turn green with envy whenever you drive past them on the highway.