3 Ways to Improve Your Storefront

Posted on Sep 27 2017 - 6:44pm by Expert-Zine

StorefrontBefore a potential customer talks to your people, they see your storefront. Like how first impressions matter for people, the appearance of your store's exterior causes customers to assume things about your business. You want those assumptions to be good.

Improve your store's exterior in the following ways, to get good results:

Keep Windows Clean 

Your shop windows give a view of what to expect inside. If they are dirty and unkempt, your customers will be turned off even before they walk in. Simply Right Janitorial says that window cleaning services should be part of your daily operations, so that you can attract most customers into your shop. Don't stop at clean windows, though. Make your window displays interesting and highlight your best products. 

Update Company Logo 

For older businesses, sometimes rebranding is a good way to get out of those stringent rules that do not apply in today's market. You want to be modern and timely, and starting with your logo is a great idea. The unveiling of the new logo can be turned into an event that draws a large crowd. 

Even new businesses can update their logo or at least the signage in front of their shop. People tend to be curious when there's something "new." Pair this with tempting deals, such as discounted items and gifts, and you'll get a good headstart. 

Advertise Business Numbers 

Not everyone walking past your store is ready to purchase something, but you want them to contact you in case they have concerns. Your business details should be easy to see, and they should be your most current numbers. If you changed your phone line, for instance, new signage should be put up to reflect the changes. The last thing you want to do is to frustrate your clients because they're reaching the wrong number. 

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Keep your store in good condition both inside and outside. It's how you keep a steady foot traffic coming.