3 Ways to Know If a Job is Right for You

Posted on Sep 14 2018 - 4:21pm by Alonzo Callahan

Recruiter interviewing a candidateA job in one of the biggest companies in the country sounds like a great idea, but the question is this: Is it the right fit? Finding a job is more than finding what would give you the prestige or the bump you need in your money savings. It’s also about gauging if a job is something that would give you fulfillment. How do you know if you fit right in? Here are some ways:

1. Know What’s Expected of You

Your satisfaction largely depends on how you enjoy the tasks that come with the job. See if the job description matches your skills. This will help you not just in the decision-making process but also in the job interview itself. Employers are interested in knowing how aware an applicant is of his or her skills and how he or she can use these for the growth of the company. For instance, if you’re eyeing manufacturing jobs, you should be able to tell employers that you can adapt easily to new technologies, notes PeopleReady.

2. Decide If the Pay is Good

“Good” here, of course, is relative. It varies from person to person and largely depends on your financial needs. If you’ll be working to save up for a house and a growing family, you may need a higher salary compared to a young person who’s saving up for vacations. Find out the average salary in the industry before you say yes to a job offer. Realizing that you’re underpaid after accepting the job could discourage you even before you start working.

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3. Consider the Boss

Your boss will have a great impact on your career development, as well as your daily work routine. It’s best to have a mental picture of the ideal boss. Are you looking for the hands-on type? Or the more lax one? If you have a clear picture, you can compare that to the employers you’ll meet in interviews. By asking the right questions, you can estimate what their management style is. And then from there, assess if you’re willing to make compromises to enable a smooth work.

Remember, your job should be a right fit for you to have a fulfilling career. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you land on the “right one.”