3 Ways to Prevent Clog in Drains

Posted on Jun 11 2018 - 6:25pm by Expert-Zine

Woman removing a clogPlumbing systems at times can be tricky to handle given how complicated the whole system is. To avoid this migraine, you will need the winning ways of plumbing experts such as All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning.

Professional plumbers come in handy not only for repair services but also to offer an invaluable guide on how to prevent clogs in your drains and pipes. Below, read about some of the methods of averting clogs.

1. Don’t dump leftover food in sinks.

Instead of throwing leftover food into the drain, collect all of them in one place and make good use of your trash bin. For the small food particles that will always stick to the plates, make sure they are flushed off with a lot of water.

This prevents possible scum and material buildup in the drains. The greasy food also doesn’t belong to your drain as it solidifies, causing a severe clog.

2. Avoid flushing foreign objects into toilets.

Proper toilet use needs to be carefully observed as well. Make it a habit of using soft toilet tissues from supermarkets or shops for use in the toilets. Don’t flush toilet paper and any material down the drain lest you have a significant clog to contend with.

3. Conduct a general system inspection.

Have your home septic system inspected at least twice a year so that any general repairs or pumping is done. Let the plumbers in Salt Lake City or elsewhere do sewer repairs and drain replacements as often as possible.

Also, at time intervals in a month, boil some hot water and pour down the drains. It dissolves soap scum, oils, and any other clog build-up.

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A well-maintained drain is not only efficient but also gives your family peace of mind. Furthermore, being in control of your sewer boosts hygiene keeping you at ease even when you have guests around.