4 Signs Your Fuel Filter Needs Changing

Posted on Aug 9 2017 - 3:47am by Expert-Zine

Car MaintenanceThe importance of cars has proven itself over time – it enables people and things to go from one place to another. As important as its role in our daily lives, maintaining your car’s condition is essential as well. It ensures you of reliable performance and undoubted safety.

While preventive maintenance is something you do all the time, it is important to look at other parts – like your diesel fuel filter from Diesel Dog. Instead of getting oil and fuel problems in the future, it is best to know these five signs to indicate that it’s time for fuel filter replacement.

Difficulty In Engine Start

Your car won’t start? While there are numerous reasons as to why your engine may be starting, fuel problems may be one of them. When the fuel filter is defective, the fuel distribution is affected. Hence, the engine won’t start. But, if your car did start but took a lot of struggles, your vehicle may be experiencing a partial blockage. Before you get stranded on the road, have you fuel filters replaced.

Shaky Engine Idling

If you are stopped at a stop light, and you feel that the engine is jerking, then it is a sign of fuel flow inhibition. Better have your filters checked and see if it is clogged and have it addressed.

Low-Speed Struggle

So your vehicle is performing well on the highway but became shaky once you’ve lowered the speed then there is a problem. If you feel that your car is shaking when moving at a slower speed, then it must be the filter. Is Car shaking while pulling out of the driveway? Your engine may not be getting enough gas.

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Prevention Is Key

Maintenance is necessary to avoid problems like car breakdown. Aside from keeping up with your regular maintenance schedule, have a good check on all the engine parts, like the diesel fuel filter to ensure safety.