4 Tips to Prepare for the Monsoon Season

Posted on Jun 13 2018 - 1:00am by Alonzo Callahan

Roof gutter during heavy rainfallIn Australia, the monsoon season is when the country receives heavy rains. This usually runs from November to April and causes the flora and fauna to thrive. It can, however, have devastating effects on people. On some days in the season, the rains fall so hard that properties, buildings and people are affected.

These four tips will help families make sure they are prepared for the monsoon season:

Use waterproofing concrete products

The eastern part of Australia is usually susceptible to floods during the monsoon season. To make sure the flood waters will not enter your home, you need to check whether there are holes and cracks in your home’s concrete. If there are, you must have them fixed as soon as possible.

To cover them up, you need waterproofing products that will seal off the openings. Buy concrete waterproofing products in Sydney to prepare your property for the rainy season.

Trim the trees in your garden

One of the most exhausting parts of having to deal with the aftermath of a storm is cleaning up. To minimise the effort that you need to exert, trim the branches of your trees. This way, you will not need to sweep the numerous leaves that the strong wind will leave in your surroundings.

Keep emergency numbers

You need to know who to contact should there be emergencies. The most important contact numbers you need to keep are those of the fire and rescue team, state emergency service and hospitals.

Come up with an emergency plan

Planning is an important skill when preparing for the monsoon season. If the storms that happen become stronger or when floods start, you should know what to do.

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The monsoon season is also when storms wreak havoc in the eastern side of Australia. That is why homeowners should make sure their families and properties will be ready for whatever happens.