5 Awesome Eats To Try In Virginia

Posted on Jul 31 2017 - 1:34pm by Expert-Zine

Friends Sharing A MealAmerica boasts numerous iconic dishes, which have their own style and taste. But Virginia deserves a special recognition. Famous for its fresh and tasty dishes, Virginia has a lot to offer to foodies.

El Paso Mexican Restaurant listed some of the best foods you should try when you visit the Old Dominion.

Rappahannock Oysters

Nobody leaves Virginia without tasting the infamous Rappahannock Oysters. Farmed by the Rappahannock Oyster Corporation in Chesapeake Bay, the shellfish is famous for its fresh, sweet, and buttery taste. Rappahannock Oysters have become so popular that the company harvests around 12,000 oysters every Memorial Day.

Peanut Pie

It’s never too early for dessert, so why not have some peanut pie first? Virginia has been growing peanuts commercially since the 1840s, making it a leader in peanut production in the United States. Locals love it so much that they decided to create – and perfect – peanut pie. It’s buttery and crunchy with a satisfying taste of peanut in every bite.

Pimiento Cheese

Virginia produces delicious pimiento cheese. Salty and creamy with a sharp dash of pepper, Virginia’s pimiento cheese goes best with quesadilla and beer. It has been a staple in every restaurant that serves Mexican food in Alexandria, VA, and is well loved by tourists and locals alike.

Fried Pies

Also known as fry pies, fried pies are available in almost every bakery and pastry shop in Virginia. The dessert comes in various flavors, including coconut, blackberry, apple, and peach. Deep-fried for a sweet yet savory bite, these handheld pies originated in Staunton and made popular by Ole’ Time Fried Pies, a restaurant located in Shenandoah Valley.

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Norton and Viognier Wine

Wine isn’t food per se but one can’t just create a Virginia food list without this beverage. One of the most famous wines in the state is Norton Wine, which highlights a grape’s soft tannins with strong flavors of cherries and plums. Viognier wine, on the other hand, delivers notes of honeysuckle and caramel, making it a favorite among many locals and tourists.

Every visit in Virginia is sure to be remarkable with these delicious eats. Invite your friends and feast on your favorite food and drinks while enjoying the famous destinations in the state.