5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Building a New Home

Posted on Aug 18 2017 - 8:09pm by Expert-Zine

Home constructionNothing is more exciting than the thought of having your own home built. You’ve probably spent restless days sweating out plans and visualizing your dream outcome.

What often happens during the process, however, is that homeowners find home construction a little too overwhelming. As such, what should have been a potentially exciting experience becomes a traumatic one. Below are some of the mistakes homeowners make when supervising home construction:

Not Knowing Details before the Construction

It is not enough to simply look at a plan or blueprint. You need to study and truly understand every part of the construction. Ask questions if something is not clear to you and have your builder explain it thoroughly until you are satisfied with the answer. Although you are not ready to decide on certain things yet, relate to what your contractors are planning to do. This would also allow you to add your inputs.

Hiring People Based on Fee Rather than Experience

Home construction is never cheap; that is a given. But while it’s true that you need to work around a limited budget – a factor that amateur homebuilders can address – professional home builders guarantee few to no mishaps in your project. On the other hand, don’t simply follow your gut feeling when choosing a professional. Though intuition can help you in certain situations, taking the time to review the portfolio of prospects better ensures a professionally built home. Most home builders in Salt Lake City are fully-licensed and insured. If you hire them, you get the peace of mind that if anything went wrong, they have accountability for it.

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Building More than What You Need

It might be your dream to own a mansion, but be practical in dreaming. Does it make sense to build that kind of home when you’re just a family of three or five? Even if you have the money to build more, consider the usefulness of every space in your home. Apart from the fact that you wouldn’t want a mansion with 80% unused areas, building more than needed means stretching the duration of construction. What you can do is work out with your builder a flexible plan that’s open for future expansion if the need arises.

Not Considering the Property’s Future Market Value

The resale value is not just entirely about you selling it in the future. Look at yourself as an investor making a venture into something. Of course, you’d want to ensure that the return you can get out of this project is worth the effort, especially after spending thousands of dollars. The market value tells you whether or not you’ve made use of your money wisely.

Detaching Yourself from the Project

It is not at all bad to entrust your project to professional contractors, but as the homeowner, you must be involved in the process. You probably have no experience when it comes to this thing, but keep watch; it’s your property, after all.

As exciting as it sounds, home building requires a lot of attention and responsibility. Keep these things in mind when having your home built and you won’t encounter too many problems with it.

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