A Business Without a Process Map is Just Lost

Posted on Jul 27 2016 - 2:34am by Expert-Zine

Business ProcessEvery business requires a clear directive on how to perform a specific task, no matter how minute it is. Through this, the management can measure the rate of efficiency by cross-checking the actual performance of each employee against the set standard.

However, according to MMC-PM.com, not all businesses have a process map. Most, if not all, startups rely on what the top management decides to accomplish in a specific period.

While the current instructions from the top management can still generate the desired results, having no set processes can cause a problem in operations along the way. When transitions within the job happen due to a shift in priorities, the employees will likely find themselves lost on what to do first.

To help you set things straight, check this business process outline you can apply in your organization.

Identify the Present Challenges in Productivity and Turnaround

  • Create a comparative study about which departments deliver on time.
  • Identify what enables other departments to perform the expected output and cross-reference the data with the weaker areas.
  • Keep tracing the source of the work productivity impediment until you find a common link in the organization.

Think about the End Game

  • Assess the future standing of your company in five, 10, 15, or even 20 years.
  • Highlight individual goals as milestones (should be attainable).
  • Only include steps that will accomplish the end game.

Timeframe and Measure

  • For each task you listed, plot them in a timeline you’re going to follow
  • Ensure that there are employees who will fill each role at the moment of creation
  • Schedule a calibration meeting monthly, quarterly, or as required
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Create the Standard

  • List down all the actions done inside the company
  • Streamline the process by generalizing the steps such as attendance, filing, etc.
  • Determine the priority of task
  • Optimize the business process through automation (collaborative software)
  • Distribute the execution to the managers of each department for effective assimilation

Business process maps enable a company to have total control when it comes to the handing down of tasks. This eliminates the need to come up with the specifics when transitions and a shift in priorities occur.