A Guide to Matching Your Excavator Choice with Your Job

Posted on Sep 20 2018 - 9:46am by Expert-Zine

excavating landExcavators or diggers are the typical gear you will find on construction and mining sites. These machines enhance your job site safety while considerably easing your work. There are different types of excavators, and not all of them will fit your construction or mining projects.

Purchasing all these excavators requires a significant capital input and comes with considerable maintenance costs. The cost-efficient option is hence to hire them. Spider, standard, and mini excavators are the common ones used for most projects. Here are some of the jobs that a spider, standard, or mini digger can efficiently handle.

Standard Excavators

These are the excavators most contractors are familiar with. Standard excavators range from 6 to 500 tonnes. They are very versatile and can handle a wide range of projects, from small constructions to large digging jobs. The excavators can also be used for demolitions, forestry jobs, dredging, material handling, and snow ploughing.

Mini Excavators

These are smaller versions of standard excavators. They are also called micro/mini excavators. They range from 0 to 5 tonnes. Mini excavators are the best choice for digging tight access and small areas. They can easily navigate limited construction spaces and are hence mostly used for swimming pool constructions in backyards.

Spider or Walking Excavators

These machines are designed explicitly for constructions on all terrains, including narrow ditches, uneven ground, and inclined and steep surfaces. A spider excavator has an undercarriage with legs rather than tracks. The legs allow this excavator to ‘walk’ on rough environments where it would be hard to navigate with a standard or mini excavator.

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Hiring the right equipment is the primary element that guarantees a successful project. By matching the above excavators to your task, it will be efficiently handled. Also, the project deadlines will be successfully met. This will nevertheless only be possible if you hire the excavators from a company that regularly services them and stocks the latest technologies.