ABS: Australia Tallies Lowest Number of Jobless People in November

Posted on Jan 25 2018 - 2:43am by Expert-Zine

Group of professionalsThe jobless rate in Australia for in November 2017 fell to 661,400 unemployed Australians, which represented the lowest number since 2012, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

However, job vacancies only increased 2.7% to 210,300 listings between September and November. This indicated that around three Australians compete for a vacant position, according to the ABS data.

State Advantage

Companies typically receive more job applications in January, as people wait for the holidays to be over before dealing with plans to leave their employers. In Victoria (VIC), a police check online serves as a good tool for employers to screen potential candidates.

The odds of finding a job in VIC improved in the previous November with 3.1 jobless people applying for each vacancy, down from 4.2 Australians in the year-ago period. Those in New South Wales have the best odds of landing a job, as only 2.2 people compete for the same position.

Each vacancy in Queensland attracts 3.9 applicants, while 5.7 people in South Australia and Tasmania apply for the same job opening. In Western Australia, the ratio of job hunters to each vacancy reached 4.3 people.

Employment Numbers

Private sector vacancies between September and November rose to its highest level on record with 192,000 open positions, which is up by 17.3% year over year. The public sector, however, recorded a 7.6% decline in vacancies in the same period to 18,300.

The growth or decline of employment vacancies provides a reliable sign of where the labour market is headed, as well as indicating demand for workers.

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The place where you live may contribute to a higher chance of being hired, but you should not solely rely on this. For employers, the influx of job applications in the first few months of the new year will require extra work on background checks.