AMPlifying your Blogs: Impress Users and Google’s Bots

Posted on May 3 2016 - 4:07am by Expert-Zine

Blogging Google loves updates. Their drastic changes in a span of months or even days typically come as no surprise for SEO marketers. So when they announced one of their newest projects, the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), brands and digital marketers were on the edge of their seats.

Fortunately, the AMP project was anything but terrible. Since everyone is always on their phones these days, publishers realized that readers will view sites via mobile devices.

It’s a rule of thumb with marketers: everything should please the user. If your page is not mobile-friendly, not only do you lose readers — you also lose opportunities to market. This is where Google’s AMP comes in.

An Overview

Experts from believe that the AMP is Google’s solution to keep readers happy. One of the project’s goals is to also improve user experience by placing special attention to videos, animations, graphics, and smart ads. AMP paves the way for businesses to build their own “lightweight pages.”

Interested in a demo? Fortunately, Google offers easy AMP demos on Google Search. If you want to search for the AMP yourself, just type into the browser for newsworthy content.

Why AMPlify your Content

Google’s AMP is not yet a ranking factor, but it comes with numerous advantages. The results show up in the news section, which emphasizes the consequences of not optimizing your blogs. You could lose impressions, clicks, and user engagement. In other words, if you don’t appear on the top section, your SEO efforts will go to waste.

The news carousel won’t last forever; it will end. Eventually, AMP optimized pages will display in a different manner, which might involve ranking.

Better Late than Never

Don’t worry much about the technicalities of AMP optimizing your blog posts; it’s all about how you make it happen. Create your Google AMP page by following the search engine’s step-by-step guide, which outlines the basics. You can also use a WordPress plugin to ensure your site is AMP ready.

The takeout is simple: Google’s AMP is good for you. It guarantees an increase in users while making your site appealing to Google’s bots. Better optimize now than regret later.