An Insight into the Various Types of Concrete Waterproofing

Posted on Dec 26 2017 - 2:59pm by Expert-Zine

concrete waterproofingThe quality of concrete can deteriorate over time due to its permeable nature. It is advisable to waterproof concrete to ensure a long and functional lifespan, as this will help you save money by preventing future repair costs.

There are various methods to water proofing concrete in Sydney, and with the numerous improvements in each technique, it is essential to get to know more about them. T would help one make an informed choice. The following are some of the common methods utilised.

1. Liquid-Applied Membranes

These contain polymeric asphalt or urethane, in a solvent base. One applies them to the exterior (positive) side of the concrete using rollers, trowel or a brush. They are highly resistant due to their elastomeric properties.

It is important to note that liquid-applied membranes should be applied skilfully. Factors such as thickness, clean and dry surface, and well-cured concrete, all get successful results. They are usually used when sheet membranes do not work.

2. Sheet Membrane Systems

These are sheet membranes that consist of polymer materials mixed with asphalt. They are then attached to a polythene material to form a thick and less temperature sensitive material.

Sheet membrane systems have been the most used over the years due to their toughness, impact resistance, and durability. These sheets are self-adhesive and enhance tensile strength.

3. Crystalline Admixtures

These are hydrophilic and come in powdered form. Their high affinity for water helps form crystals inside the concrete, blocking pores that allow moisture in the concrete. The crystalline mechanism makes the concrete to self-seal.

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One of the outstanding qualities of this method is that it saves labour because you can mix it with the concrete during construction. You should, however, avoid it in construction areas that have constant movement to ensure the crystals stay in place.

Waterproofing concrete might seem like an expensive endeavour at the onset, but it goes on to justify its cost with time. For those that are keen on cost, it would be advisable to shy away from traditional membrane waterproofing and opt for crystalline admixtures. Whatever option you opt for, ensure that experienced contractors make your concrete waterproof.