Are You Aware If Your Insurance Covers Flood Damages?

Posted on Aug 8 2017 - 5:12pm by Expert-Zine

Flooded Living Area

Homeowners know that dealing with insurance claims for flood damages can be stressful and time-consuming, yet there are ways to ease the filing process.

It’s always best to be familiar with the terms of your insurance. A water damage claim, for example, does not normally cover a flooded basement in the same sense that it usually covers damages from water inflow from a broken roof.

Insured Exceptions

While you should take not that not all insurers refuse to cover basement flooding, it’s safe to assume that filing claims for such damages could be unsuccessful. Aside from flooding, insurers rarely agree to compensate homeowners for damages related to earthquakes and sewer backups.

If you require protection against flooding damages, you can list them through a separate policy under the National Flood Insurance Program from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A caveat, however, involves private insurers that manage this type of policy.

First Aid Repairs

For those dreading a long waiting time, fixing small water-related damages can hasten the process of filing claims. Your insurance provider can reimburse the expenses related to repairs, depending on your package. Be sure to prepare a record of financial documents and receipts to support a reimbursement.

Immediate repairs should also be done even if the problem may be a small one. That’s because some insurers will not agree to cover the damages when it seems that the damages took place because of negligence. You should particularly take action to prevent mold and mildew buildup, which can appear within 48 hours post-water damages. Your insurance provider should be aware of the situation as soon as possible, as this helps in expediting the claims procedure.

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Insurance claims for water damages can be stressful, although being familiar with the process and preparing an inventory of documents will help in avoiding a tedious process.