As US Retail Sales Trend Upward, How Do You Enforce Warranty Policies?

Posted on Oct 18 2018 - 1:00am by Alonzo Callahan

Man checking the sales graphU.S. retailers will need to review their policies on accepting returned products for warranty inspection or repair, especially since sales in the country will increase further during the holiday season in 2018.

An increase in sales only indicates a higher likelihood of returned merchandise next year, given that most consumer returns happen during the months following the holidays.

Higher Sales

The National Retail Federation’s forecast showed that total retail sales for the last two months of 2018 will reach $721 billion, up by at least 4.3% from the same time in the previous year. This figure is possibly bigger since it doesn’t include purchases for dining, fuel and vehicle purchases.

The rising number of Americans who buy items through online stores also makes competition much tougher for businesses, particularly for traditional stores. More people are no longer keen on just buying items with discounted prices. On the contrary, some online shoppers would refuse to buy a cheap product if the transaction doesn’t include free shipping.

Handling Returned Merchandise

Repair management software, as offered by ReverseLogix, helps in organizing your deliverables and billing invoices among other tasks. Retailers of consumer electronics in particular would benefit from using a digital platform for their warranty transactions.

Another great advantage of having post-sale customer service involves more time to focus on the core aspect of your business. Smaller businesses with few employees should consider this option, since it could be difficult for your employees to close a sale while attending to a request for warranty repairs.

It’s hard to keep up with consumer demands for effective customer service on warranties, as most of them know that they could simply find another retailer. This hurts your business especially if you lose repeat clients; meaning modernizing your process for repair management will be important for customer satisfaction.

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