Avoiding Accidents with Road Safety Equipment

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 1:00am by Expert-Zine

Man driving a carThe annual number of road deaths in New Zealand and Australia has been on the rise for the past two years. In 2016, the Australian government has recorded 1,298 road deaths, up from 1,209 in 2015 and the record-low 1,153 in 2014. The consecutive rise overturns the downward trend of the road toll since 1970 when almost 3,800 people died due to road accidents.

Use of Road Safety Products

Keeping the roads safe is every motorist’s responsibility. One way to prevent accidents is using road safety products. Road safety products protect drivers, passengers, as well as other road users in accidents, according to adsafe.co.nz. These pieces of equipment can come in many forms such as traffic cones, work lights, light bars, beacons, headlights, barriers, and bollards.

Beacons, headlights, and light bars help motorists and pedestrians understand the situation in their environment. It could warn them of possible dangers ahead.

Lower Visibility, Higher Chance of Accidents

One of the common factors in an accident is inadequate visibility due to weather or lighting. According to the World Health Organization, poor visibility is a factor in 65% of crashes between cars and motorised two-wheelers, and the sole cause in 21% of them. Most safety products are designed with reflective materials to increase the visibility of road hazards, providing guidance and the right direction to the driver. This lessens the chance of motorists and pedestrians to be caught up in possible accidents scenarios.

Responsible Driving

Of course, there are no substitutes for responsible driving in avoiding road accidents. But when lives are at stake, we cannot simply leave things to chance. It is important to take every step to avoid accidents on the road and ensure not only our safety but also those of others. Installing appropriate road safety equipment protects everyone on the road.

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