Binding Options Available For Your Printed Documents

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 9:53am by Admin

Book BindingBookbinding started around the first century BC in India where monks copied sacred manuscripts onto palm leaves and bound them using wooden boards and twine. Since then, the craft of bookbinding has evolved, and there exists a variety of options available today for all your printed documents.

Woolston Printing, a printing company in Australia, can offer you different binding options for all your commercial document needs. Whether you are thinking of binding your book, dissertation, catalogue or newsletter, here are a few options to consider:

Perfect Binding

This is the type of binding you associate with most books. It involves wrapping a hard casing around pages that have been glued together. The result is a professional looking publication. You also have the option of putting texts or graphics along the spine to make it stand out from a bookshelf. Perfect binding is an ideal choice for novels, books, autobiographies and wedding guest books.

Saddle Stitching

Here, sheets of paper are folded together, and wire stapled using a specially designed stapler. It is a cost-effective way of creating a durable and flexible document. It allows the pages to fully open and fold the ‘other’ way round for easy use. It is used for binding small page publications like booklets, magazines, brochures.

Spiral Binding

With spiral binding, a plastic coil or wire is wound through the two covers and all pages to bind your publication together. The book allows pages to rotate 360-degrees. It is cost-effective and safe even for little children. This binding technique is a perfect for cookbooks, training manuals, staff diaries and calendars.

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Thermal Binding

Thermal binding gives your publications a sleek, clean look. This technique is ideal for business reports, presentations and proposals. Documents are placed into pre-glued spines and then put into a machine which heats the glue to bind the book.

With the evolution of book binding, there are many binding options to choose from. Binding your documents can give them a clean, professional look that’s sure to make a good impression on your readers. Regardless of which method you choose, avoid having a sloppily bound document by going to an expert binder.