Can Your Wedding Preparations be Stress Free?

Posted on Jul 2 2018 - 6:55am by Expert-Zine

WeddingNo single formula makes an event memorable. Guests may expect one thing while the hosts may be planning a completely different take on the event. Whose opinion matters more?

If you’re hosting a wedding party, you’ll want to check on the following details so everyone will have a great time:


It’s recommended that you inquire months in advance about the price of event rentals in Minneapolis. Then, as guests RSVP, determine the head count so you can finalize how many tents, chairs, and tables you’ll need. Always rent more than what you need, in case a difficult relative decided they want to bring two plus ones. The same goes for the food, especially if you are paying per head.

Number of Guests and Diet Restrictions

As sad as it is, there are more people these days who are allergic to any of the eight major food allergens. It would be complicated if one guest was allergic to seafood, while a couple of others are allergic to almonds. When you send out invitations, ask them to note down their diet restrictions, so you can come up with a menu that pleases everyone. It is your wedding, but seeing as allergic reactions can be so severe that they may be life-threatening, this is one thing that you cannot ignore.


You’re not a sociable person and would rather have an intimate wedding with your closest friends. So why are you planning a big wedding? Couples need to remember that the ceremony is for their union, not a way to be on trend. There is nothing wrong with inviting fewer people. Sure, some people may feel offended, but it’s not their wedding and frankly, would you want that kind of attitude on such an important day?

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There are a lot of sources of stress when planning a wedding. Do away with as many pain points as you can.