Condition Based Monitoring: The Best Practices for Implementation

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 1:52am by Expert-Zine

MachineryCondition based monitoring is an effective method for preventing critical equipment failure, while maximising uptime in work facilities. Efficient maintenance management greatly depends on the accurate prediction and diagnosis of machinery and plant issues. By utilising the wrong methods, you will not only waste time, but also money and company resources.

For effective condition based monitoring processes, consider the following:

Don’t Use Condition Monitoring Alone

For monitoring to be effective, you need to implement the method with a sound maintenance programme and honest feedback concerning repairs from your maintenance team or suppliers. A strong maintenance plan must include all applicable factors, and not only trends.

Understand Your Plant and All Its Operating Conditions

Prior to taking readings, walk around the plant and turn on all equipment to make sure they will be properly warmed up and functioning well. When taking a reading of a cold piece of machinery, you will get a completely different reading than when the machine has been consistently operating for hours. The plant’s speed may change, which, in turn, may result in vibrations and temperature fluctuations. With this, base lining operating loads and speed are necessary for the implementation of condition based monitoring.

Spend Resources and Funds on the Most Critical Assets

Not every piece of equipment needs the same level of monitoring. To get more uptime, evaluate what needs the most monitoring. Set a schedule that will cover the history of repairs and failure, as well as the equipment’s potential cost to the business when it’s not operating.

Routine Maintenance Delays Future Failures

Make sure that you have the proper measures for delaying failure by implementing basic routine maintenance processes. These can include proper lubrication, cleaning of motor cooling fans, vacuuming the boards and cleaning oil drips. This counts as preventative maintenance.

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Whilst condition based monitoring is crucial and helpful to any maintenance strategy, there will be times when the implementation is inconsistent, focused on the wrong machinery, and have little to no impact on the overall plant productivity. Condition monitoring processes constantly evolve; you may need industry experts to assist with the proper implementation.