Creating Successful Minimalist Banner Design

Posted on Feb 25 2017 - 10:25am by Expert-Zine

Woman Looking at Banner DesignBright colours, multiple elements and an overload of information might have been the design ethos of past decades, but it does not work now. Every day, people encounter countless posters, imagery and ad copies. People have become less sensitive – an indication that forced marketing is not as effective as it was years ago.

This is where minimalism comes in. Working with as few elements as possible, it is clean, crisp and gets the message across in under a heartbeat. Eurotech and other sign makers in Australia consistently come up with new methods to reach audiences. It is tempting to try them all yet no platform would ever work with bad design. In minimalism, the line between being effective and lacking is extremely fine.

Here are some pointers to help you create successful minimalist posters.

Find a Single Strong Element

The degree of focus in minimal design is unparalleled. It is important to find a focus point that is striking, relevant and can get attention. This could be a beautiful logo, a simple photo of a product, or text. Once you choose the element, make it the star and keep it that way.

Avoid Too Many Embellishments

To make things more attractive, it is only human to embellish. You might want to apply texture, a number of colours, patterns and many other elements. But if you are going for minimalist design, these embellishments might not work. Just like good written content, a good banner must be direct to the point.

Make it Perfect

This might sound demanding, but it is absolutely necessary for minimalism. With fewer distractions, people will focus on the elements present. This is why you must pay attention to every detail or aspect. Your banner must be clean and the elements must be fine-tuned up to the last pixel.

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Minimalism is not about controlling your creativity and stripping it down to the basics. In fact, for many posters and banners, minimalism encourages creativity. Instead of piling objects on top of each other, it is about choosing the most important elements and building up from there.