Creative Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Attractive

Posted on Jul 5 2017 - 1:00am by Expert-Zine

Many travel magnets on a refTransforming your kitchen or dining room area to look livelier can be as simple as tweaking your refrigerator door to look more stylish.

Want your kitchen to look more distinct and contemporary? The first step is to stop viewing your refrigerator as a bland and functional object. Start seeing it as a valuable piece of furnishing. Having this perception allows you to be more creative to update the look of your ref.

Depending on your creativity, your ref’s fresh look can have unique or custom ref magnets (those that you get from product promos or travelling abroad) or family holiday photos or mini planters.

We have found some fantastic ideas online we would like to share with our readers.

Smart Boards

If you’re a parent, you will find smart boards serve a great purpose to communicate with your family members, the old school way. All you need is a small chalkboard or corkboard that you can attach to magnets and place on the door. Instead of sending each other text messages, post-its or chalkboard messages are hard to ignore as we all need to use the ref at some point during the day.

Wouldn’t it be cute to leave “I love you, guys! Make me proud today!” on the chalkboard for the kids to see when they get milk or juice in the morning?

Lovely Flower Holders

You may have been discarding wine corks, but you will find them quite useful. Use them to change the look of your refrigerator door. Hollow out the corks and insert a flower. A plastic one would do, but if you prefer fresh flowers or tiny plants, go ahead. Just make sure to cut the flower stem appropriately.

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Attach the cork to the refrigerator door by using industrial tape. Or you can also glue a small magnet to the cork and stick it on the door.

Refrigerator Decoration

These decorations are quite popular in the market. You can find alphabets, cute animals, or food designs. If you love travelling, those ref souvenirs are great to decorate your doors as well. Or you can use postcards to decorate the ref door and its sides. Isn’t that amazing?

Your ref is not just for storing food. It can be a great focal point in the kitchen. Be creative!