Donating Your Body to Science: Your Options

Posted on Dec 2 2016 - 10:24pm by Admin

Science In MemphisMore and more people are choosing to donate their bodies upon their death, but what will happen to your body if you decide to “donate it to science”? Where will it go? Will it be used to advance medical sciences or will medical students merely look at it and make jokes? What will they do to your body when they have finished “using” it?

Help Educate the Next Generation of Doctors

This is your chance to help new med students familiarize themselves with the human body. Don’t think about those TV shows and movies where wacky coeds play with dead bodies and such. Donating your body to a university could be of extremely serious help to students on their path to becomeing licensed physicians. When choosing a university, ask how exactly will they use your body and what happens to it after.

Aid Doctors in Furthering their Craft

If you don’t like the idea of first-year coeds studying your body, consider donating your body to the Medical Education and Research Institute instead. This institute, located in Memphis, Tennessee, will use your body for learning new medical techniques and refining their existing skills. With this option, they will pay for your bod’s transport to Memphis, cremate it afterwards, and either bury your ashes in Memphis or send it back to your family, your choice.

Independent Body Donation Programs

These offer an all-expense paid setup — transport, cremation, death certification, and returning your cremains to your family. But, because these programs serve different medical organizations, you should ask the program director about what your body will be used for, says McDougal Funeral Home. You can ask the help of a funeral director to enlighten you. 

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Consider Resting in a Body Farm

Want to help scientists, CSIs, and law enforcement agencies at the same time? Consider donating your body to a body farm or outdoor forensic anthropology research lab. You’ll be helping them learn about the different stages of decomposition and work with CSIs to catch killers. But, your family won’t get your body afterward.

If donating your body for the sake of science sounds appealing to you and no cultural or religious belief is in your way, research your options now.