Don’t Just Translate, Localize, Here Are Ways to Do It

Posted on May 30 2017 - 12:01pm by Expert-Zine

Foreign Languages TranslationAre you trying to enter a market that has a different culture and speaks another language? If so, just translating your content and message aren’t enough. Sometimes, brands fail to convey their value because they lost most of it with a direct translation, poor grasp of culture and inconsistent use of local humor.

Experts on web translation services cite the following ways on how you can improve, adapt and localize content.

Cultural Expectations

Just because it’s ok in your neighborhood to use the thumbs up sign, it’s ok in another part of the world. In some countries it doesn’t mean anything, it may mean number one, or it can be an obscene gesture. Understanding cultural mores and norms are the first steps to take when it comes to localizing your brand. Colors, jokes, numbers and images just to name a few, carry different meanings and symbols. Haphazardly using these for your product may cause confusion and may even insult the very market you want to reach.

Going local

Coke is a famous worldwide brand and provides marketers with a perfect example of localizing a campaign. The company’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is one of its most successful because it conveyed its message across borders and cultures. This is notable because it used the world’s most popular and used names, instead of if signature ‘Coke’ or ‘Coca-Cola’ on its products. This first-name basis was a hit in some countries.

However, Coke tweaked their approach when they launched a similar campaign in China. Instead of using first names, the brand used ‘friend’ and ‘classmate’ on its products. The company understood the cultural significance of calling someone by their first name and acted accordingly.

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Reaching a different audience with another language, culture and in another country require an understanding of that particular place. Localizing your approach allows you to transition easier and achieve your business objectives.