Effective Business Expansions Without Starting from Scratch

Posted on Nov 17 2018 - 1:00am by Alonzo Callahan

Business team discussing about business expansionAs your business grows, the more challenging it is to manage. You might think about expanding through creating another division or branch but that would require you to put up another establishment. But not to worry, you can try these other effective methods.


Merging can be a mutual and beneficial way to expand your business. This would be vital in increasing your network and widen your target market. Most of the time, these other companies have their own headquarters or home branches which you can mutually use and vice versa.

If say, you’ve merged with a company in the Philippines you can easily send your products over through reputable freight forwarding services in Manila and your partner can take it from there.


Most of the time, business owners sell their companies at low prices just to make a quick buck so might as well take advantage of these. Opting to buy these properties is a big bonus for you considering that you won’t need to deal with putting up a business from the ground up.

There might be a few rearrangements depending on your preferred specification, but everything can still be completed with less time and money than a new venture.


People who would like to start a small business would be best off with franchising. Food carts and small stands aren’t hard to put up and mostly mobile, so you don’t need a permanent establishment. Plus, it’s the most expansive method to date.

The Internet

The internet isn’t only for local customers since its reach is international. If you’re a company that’s targeting the global market, then this would be the weapon of choice for you. Set up an online shop with its payment system to rack up the profits. And you won’t even need to put up a physical store too.

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Business owners need to adapt to current trends and use them to their financial advantage. They should accept change or else they might go extinct like the dinosaurs. Figure out what method works best for you and start your expansion as soon as possible.