Essential Things to Bring on a Cross Country Adventure

Posted on Feb 10 2017 - 9:48am by Expert-Zine

Cross Country TripsMany things can happen during a cross country trip. You might get a flat tire, suffer an accident, or lose your way. Such unforeseen circumstances necessitate the need to bring essential things with you.

Going on a cross country trip is an exciting adventure for many people. If you are planning to  go on such a trip, you need to  make sure that you have adequate supplies for the trip. But aside from food, you might not think of the following as  important things that you need to bring.


It is important to take some medicine when you go on a cross country adventure. You should bring some medicine for fever and flu, painkillers, and antihistamines. You should also bring allergy creams and insect repellant. Make sure to bring a complete First Aid Kit for any trip.

Extra fuel tank

If your vehicle is diesel-powered, you should bring several portable tanks full of extra diesel. Although there are towns and settlements in the outback,  you may not know how far the next gas station is. Bringing a portable fuel tank along with you will save you a long walk to the next station.

Repair and rescue tools

Do not be content with bringing just standard car tools like tire wrenches and jacks. Bring multiple tools, that could help you in case your vehicle breaks down. Take a mechanical tire air pump with you, as well as some tire patch kits and industrial adhesive tape. If there is space, try bringing an extra car battery, jumpstart cable, towing cable and a complete tool kit.

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You should also try bringing a portable generator or a small solar power system. This is to ensure the batteries in your phones and other communications gadgets will not be fully drained. Constantly keeping in touch with the people back home will allow them to know where you are exactly and such knowledge can come in handy during emergencies.

Prepare for any cross country trip with the right tools and equipment. Making sure you have these things will make your next outback adventure safer.