Even Offices Want to be Instagram Worthy

Posted on May 16 2018 - 5:43pm by Alonzo Callahan

Modern office spaceWhere do employees spend most of their day? In the office, doing their job, of course. Do they enjoy being there? If they don’t ever want to talk about work, or perhaps they feel embarrassed when friends know where they work, there could be something wrong with your office.

In a world made pretty by the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, you need to step it up. And no, this is not just for offices in the creative industry. Incorporate these concepts in your office to make employees proud to work there:

Bright and Clean Spaces

Don’t automatically think of ultra white walls that remind people of hospital corridors. What you want is something softer on the eyes. Off-white, beige, and touches of pastel are perfect when paired with industrial office furniture. It’s like making two design ideas meet, and what you get is a bright and clean work space that looks good even without filters.

A Friendly and Natural Environment

It’s not just your employees who go to the office. Business partners, investors, and potential employees also drop by from time to time. When they do, you want to leave a lasting positive impression. A comfortable waiting area with fun and functional seating options do wonders for their perception of your company. Give the same attention to detail when it comes to conference rooms, so they will know you’re not just reeling them in with empty promises.

Hashtag Friendly

You’ve worked hard on choosing those chairs and desks for everyone, but don’t stop there. Let the world know you’re trendy, and let employees feel like they can brag about the office. Give them an official hashtag to use, and encourage them to tag the company accounts when they post. For special events that put your business under a microscope, you’ll be thankful for user-generated content that makes the business seem fun.

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The image of your company might be what draws investors and employees away from it. With that said, design a more positive environment to turn the tide in your favor.