Expert Recommendations for Hygiene at Home

Posted on Jan 18 2018 - 3:39pm by Expert-Zine

Water pouring down the drainIntroduction

Did you know that a blocked drain can cause a huge mess in your home and even on your health? Many people do not give much attention to the pipes that serve them with water and the ones that carry the waste to the sewer. The drain blockage solutions for plumbing improves the longevity of the pipes. Here is what experts say about caring for the pipes in your home to improve hygiene.

About Chemical Drain Clearing Products

Experts argue that while the chemical products may clear the drainage, they may erode the pipes. Again, they may leave some clog hence more blockages.

Observe Hygiene

Better hygiene prevents recurrent clogging of the plumbing system. Therefore, you are advised to avoid leaving hair in the bathroom drain. This also goes with the food remains in the kitchen drain or plastic and papers in the toilet drain as they cause blockages as well. Liquid grease should also not be drained because it solidifies at cold temperature.

What then can you do with the food scraps and hairs?

Consult your plumbing experts to install screens in your shower and tub. The hair is trapped hence you can remove them manually. Also, empty the food scraps in bins.

Reduce Water Pressure

Ensure that you minimize the water pressure while bathing or filling jars. High water pressure may cause the pipes to burst and leak. Remember that bursting reduces the lifespan of the plumbing.

Water Softening

Hard water reduces the longevity of the plumbing. The natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium build up in pipes and restrict water or sewage flow. The pressure in pipes is thus increased, and they are likely to burst. The minerals may also destroy the fittings and joints.

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In improving home hygiene while checking the plumbing system, you also increase the lifespan of the plumbing. Always consult with your trusted plumbing company for drain blockage solutions.