For Applicants And Employers: Here Are 5 Steps On How The Hiring Process Works

Posted on May 29 2018 - 4:33am by Expert-Zine

applicant and interviewer shakes handA human resources officer is the one that the company trusts with recruiting the right employees. You’d see this every time you tried applying for a job that the HR officers are always on their toes. They make sure tasks are done within the day, be it hiring applicants or doing Northern Territory/NT police checks online. Here’s how:

Applicants Send Resumes

First, a job post is advertised to notify those interested in applying. Applicants then send resumes via email or walk-ins to the office. For some, the former is preferred because emails are more manageable than walk-ins that are unexpected.

Recruiters Screen the Best Ones

After enough applications have been pooled, the recruiters then screen the ones with the best credentials. This part is done thoroughly, with the HR officer comparing the qualifications of one applicant with the other.

Selected Ones Are Interviewed

When the select few have been identified, the HR officers then call them to set interviews for each one. Face-to-face interviews help recruiters determine which applicant is the best fit for the position.

Background or History Checks Are Done

A history check is then performed to ensure the integrity of the applicant’s credentials. This can be done with the help of national police who will check if the applicant has criminal records, has falsified some credentials, or has remained truthful in their resume.

Results Determine Final Say

After the history check is done, the results are given to HR officers who will see if the applicant should be hired or not. How the applicants looked on paper, and how they were in person, is now up to the results found in the history check.

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Standard Process

The recruiting process has several steps, including resume screening, interviewing of applicants, doing history checks, and such. This is the standard process by which all HR officers should ideally follow. As long as this process is in place, human resource teams can recruit in an organised way.