Four Tips for Moving without Taking Bedbugs with You

Posted on Sep 7 2018 - 7:03am by Expert-Zine

Bedbugs and bed bug eggs on a bed mattressBedbugs take a lot of effort to eliminate. While moving from one place to another is always hectic, doing so amidst an infestation subjects you to the risk of carrying the bugs to your new residence. Also, moving is not a sufficient remedy to get rid of them because they are good at hiding. Therefore, it is essential that you tackle the infestation before moving so that you can have a bedbug-free residence.

Involve Professionals

If your house is heavily infested, it is best to involve a professional pest exterminator like Custom Bedbug. When handling pest control, heat treatment is one of the most effective methods of elimination. It involves heating the affected areas to a level high enough to kill the bugs and their eggs. This treatment ensures that no re-infestation occurs. The method is also chemical-free and thus appropriate for homes.

Launder Clothes, Sheets, and Pillows

These items are a cozy hiding place for bugs. Washing them before moving minimizes the chances of carrying insects with you. Wash and dry them in the highest heat setting to kill the bugs.

Use Your Packing Materials

If you plan to hire a moving company, it most likely has packing materials. You may want to skip this service and use your own. Using packaging for previously infested items can be risky. Infestation may occur even if your previous house had no bedbugs.

Treat Items that Cannot Be Washed

A portable bedbug heater will come in handy when handling items that cannot be laundered, like shoes, books, and chairs. It will save you time and kill the bugs.

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Once you have moved, avoid buying used furniture. If you really have to do so, scrutinize and clean each piece before bringing them in.