Get a Better Grip on Your Finances and Improve Your Life

Posted on May 19 2018 - 1:00am by Alonzo Callahan

Money jar labeled budgetTo improve your chances of qualifying for a home loan from a mortgage lender in Hendersonville, you need to improve your ability to handle money. The mortgage prequalification process entails digging into your financial background and it offers insights into your money skills.

If a lender discovers a large pile of debt in addition to a low credit score, they become skittish. They will label you as a high-risk borrower and most likely deny your application. However, you can take proactive measure and improve your entire financial outlook and position.

Avoid being an emotional spender

It might seem strange, but most people are emotional spenders. Don’t believe it? Consider this; you have been particularly cross with your children over something, and so you take them out for an expensive meal to make up. You can hardly afford the meal, but you feel that it is the only way to mend fences.

Well, things go well, but you end up with an additional debt on your credit card. Do this long enough, and you are walking a slippery slope that leads to deep financial issues. Instead of looking for money to solve such problems, explore other avenues of dispute resolution.

Set money goals

The human brain thrives on achieving goals and setting money goals bears several added benefits. Instead of splurging on just about anything that catches your interest set your sight on tangible goals. For instance, set out to create an emergency fund to last you six months.

You can also purpose to pay off your credit card bills in full each month. Or you can set a period to help you raise your home deposit. Having a goal gives you a purpose and serves as a reference point informing you of the progress you’re or not making.

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Failing to do this means you won’t realize you are on the wrong path until something goes wrong.

The state of your finances bears a great influence on your ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. Therefore, you need to address some shortcomings that lead you to espouse bad money habits.