Health benefits you could get from gardening

Posted on Dec 19 2017 - 4:44am by Expert-Zine

a man watering the plantsHome gardening and landscaping not only make your surroundings beautiful, but studies have also suggested that the activity encourage elderly to absorb vitamin D from the sun. In New Zealand, some people enjoy the summer by tending their gardens. Here are the things you may want to know before you begin your gardening activities.

Gardening could make your summer vibrant

Gardening involves physical activities so you may want to consider what your garden would look like and the plants you will plant. Evaluate your land if the landscape design you have in mind is possible. You may consider removing old trees that could pose injury risks.

Extracting trees is relatively difficult to do, but there are stump grinding contractors in Tauranga who could help you do the job. Colour your surroundings by planting roses, citrus, cherry pie, lavender, and star jasmine for a romantic summer experience. Some breeds of jasmine plants, lemonwood, port wine magnolia, and wallflower could make your every morning relaxing due to the natural scent it releases.

It promotes your family’s overall wellness

Researchers have suggested that 36 percent of elderly could lower the risk of dementia through gardening. Activities like digging, bending, pulling weeds, and twisting are simple forms of exercise that can help you sweat and flex your muscles. Gardening has also been known to reduce stress levels as it could ease your loneliness and lower your cortisol levels.

Some institutions like prisons, community centres, nursing homes, and hospitals have incorporated gardening due to the therapeutic properties it brings to their clients. Lastly, gardening could bring healthy food to your table if you consider planting fruit or vegetable-bearing plants like tomato and green peppers.

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Gardening is an enjoyable activity that can bring your surroundings come to life and promote your overall well-being. This summer, flower-bearing plants are worth considering beautifying your back or front yard.