How Important is Personality in Sustaining a Job?

Posted on Mar 2 2016 - 2:17am by Expert-Zine

Motivational SpeakerThere’s more to a job than just earning for a living. The workplace can also be a venue for meeting new people and creating new relationships. Part of this includes having a good personality to maintain those connections with your colleagues.

You might have heard inspirational speakers, like, explain how personality development is a factor in the corporate setting. Do you believe that personality is important in every workplace? If not, here are some thoughts that can change your mind:

Personality affects how you communicate with your colleagues.

Are you a positive thinker or a negative one? Do you easily give in to your emotions? The answers can define how well you communicate with your co-workers. If you are a happy person, then you are more likely to have a smooth communication with them. If not, the opposite may happen.

Personality contributes a lot to each task you do.

The same questions apply to this item. If you are strong enough not to let your negative emotions consume you, you’ll certainly do your job well. If you allow yourself to be distracted, your performance will surely suffer.

Personality plays a big role in your overall work experience.

Work is not just about knowledge and skills. It is also about building bridges with your colleagues. As mentioned earlier, personality affects each task you do and your communication with your workmates. In other words, it contributes a lot to your overall work experience.

Personality affects turnover rate.

Your resignation letters are a solid proof of this fact. Some employees leave because they never had good relationships with your co-workers. And yes, personality has something to do with your dilemma. But, the question is: Who has the problematic personality?

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Relationships are important in sustaining a job. If you’re struggling to maintain good relationships with your co-workers, you should make a self-assessment and look for solutions to your problem.