How Selfie Affects The World Of Marketing

Posted on Feb 5 2015 - 6:27am by Expert-Zine

    selfieTaking selfies and sharing them with friends or followers on social media has become a normal part of life. Many people, including celebrities and entrepreneurs do it to stay connected with their fans or customers and to market their brands. The world continues to see how selfies make the marketing world go around.

    It has been a practice for many to take selfies to show the world how they look or how happy they are. Businesses have seen opportunities to improve brand awareness and increase their sales using selfies.

    The Selfie Awareness

    Marketing departments of small and large businesses aim to turn customers with social media accounts and cameras connected to the Internet into brand ambassadors. This is why these marketers are flexing their “selfie awareness”. Brands found selfies a helpful tool for their marketing initiatives.

    Social media platforms, for example, have the right to use posted materials any way they want. This means a simple selfie with friends in a fast food chain can be used for marketing purposes in the future. Market analysts may also use selfies to study market trends and identify prospective customers.

    Not a New Trend

    Global trends expert Chris Sanderson points out that selfies aren’t a new trend. For centuries, artists and photographers have been producing self-portraits, but selfies became a global juggernaut this decade. In 2013, published mentions of the word selfie rose by more than 13,000 per cent.

    “It shows the way when something trends and goes mainstream, it tends to go viral,” Sanderson said. “Often you get something that’s been popular within a niche or has been of minor interest that suddenly goes global and is something everyone wants to do and everyone wants to be part of”, he added.

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    Used for Promotions

    Businesses use selfies in many ways: to promote their brands, to launch a campaign, to increase awareness, and to connect with the audience. 1888, a popular hotel in Sydney, set up a selfie booth and invited guests to take selfies and share them on Instagram.

    Along with its $4.5 million Super Bowl commercial, McDonald’s now allow customers to pay for their food with affectionate acts, such as giving a hug or sending off a smiling selfie. Celebrities are endorsing the latest social media campaign called #SmearForSmear. This viral movement asks women to smudge lipstick across their face, take a selfie, and share it on social media to spread awareness of cervical cancer and the importance of regular pap smears.

    The Future of Selfies

    No one can tell how long taking selfies will be a worldwide obsession. As long as social media are present, people will continue to produce self-portraits and share them with friends and followers. Businesses will keep using selfies for their marketing campaigns because they are cost efficient and effective.