How to Create a Fitting Epitaph for a Dearly Departed One

Posted on Oct 30 2017 - 12:18pm by Expert-Zine

Headstone in a cemetery with one red tulip andMany headstones in Salt Lake City you can buy from funeral homes such as McDougal Funeral Home have epitaphs that commemorate the lives of people.

Your dearly departed one can have an inscription for himself or herself too; in fact, choosing an epitaph comes second to purchasing a headstone.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Thinking of an epitaph that honors your loved one can be difficult. You can take inspiration from the epitaphs of other headstones at a cemetery, but you still have to create one of your own. To help you find the right inscription faster, you can limit yourself to a few words.

Epitaphs usually come in short lengths, around one or two lines.

Put Emotion into It

Aside from thinking of a short epitaph, you can make sure that your words have an emotional resonance. You will want others as well as yourself to laugh or feel joy when you read the epitaph on your loved one’s headstone.

You can make the epitaph humorous to make readers laugh. Alternately, you can highlight the virtuous traits or passions of the person.

Identify the Speaker and Reader

You can better think of an epitaph as well if you imagine the person speaking the words. You can be the speaker or another surviving family member or friend. You can also write the epitaph in the words of your dearly departed one. This element ties directly to another factor: who will be the reader?

Turn to References

When your brain continues to have difficulty in creating a good epitaph, you can turn to short poems, famous quotes, or even Bible verses. When your dearly departed one requests certain words for his or her epitaph, you can simply fulfill that wish.

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Otherwise, you can also use that person’s words from personal mantras, diaries, letters, notes, and other sources.

With the guidelines above, you will be able to think of a fitting epitaph that honors your loved one. Your headstone will be complete, and you, friends, and family can finally be at peace.