Innovative Techniques That Will Improve Web Traffic

Posted on Oct 29 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Search Engine OptimizationGood website traffic is akin to a good business sale, especially in this age where people are always online, looking for products to buy and/or services to try. Web traffic, however, isn’t always easy to achieve — it includes a lot of work that requires time and effort.

Here’s how you can increase your site’s traffic in four innovative ways: 

Take Advantage of Responsive Web Design

Designed to respond to a user’s behavior and device screen size, responsive websites are said to rank higher on Google’s search algorithm. Since it has the ability to accommodate diverse resolutions, image sizes, and scripting abilities, responsive websites are able to engage more web traffic, specifically from individuals on mobile. According to a study, 62% of businesses with responsive websites saw an immediate increase in sales.

Make Use of Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Meta titles and meta descriptions are short summaries of your webpage’s content. They are attributes that determine how your page appears in search results, allowing to engage more people to visit your website. Use this technique by writing compelling titles and descriptions, and including your primary keywords for better SEO. When doing so, it is advisable to work with an experienced PPC company to optimize your page much better. 

Constantly Update Your Site

Updating your site constantly does not only put a positive light on your business, but also gives you more website traffic, says Disruptive Advertising. Through blogging and adding various content such as images or videos, you are able to increase your traffic and customer base. An updated database also shows Google that you are a relevant, informative website that can give customers what they want.

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Partner Your Efforts with Social Media

Social media has brought web traffic to a higher level because of its power to reach bigger audiences and target markets, typically for free. A good social media presence does not only boost your website’s traffic but also enhances your business’s credibility. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are good platforms to begin with; share your content and add a fun, personal side when doing so.

The internet is at its most powerful today. Make use of it and gradually boost your business’ revenue and credibility.