It’s Okay: Getting Over the Grief of Losing a Loved One

Posted on Sep 28 2016 - 6:42am by Admin

Grieving in TaylorsvilleThere’s a part of loss that will make a mark. Despite what the books and movies say, there isn’t a perfect recipe for letting go of memories. However, there are still ways of dealing with grief that can help lead you to a more positive mindset.

It’s Okay to Grieve

Allow yourself time to go through the different stages and emotions of grieving. There are far too many people who think encouragement means obliging others to skip the hurt and just be happy right. Yes, be relieved after the burial is over and you’ve settled accounts with the funeral director. But you don’t have to get over your loss so easily and quickly, McDougal Funeral Home says.

It’s Okay to Take Time

Some people can deal with grief a lot more quickly than others. However, This isn’t a race to see who goes faster. Some may take as little as days to step out of sorrow while others may never be the same again. If you want to talk to friends about it, ask for their help if they haven’t already offered it. And if you feel the need to get professional help, do so.

It’s Okay to Move On

So many people believe that it would be a disservice to the memory of their loved ones if they tried to be happy again. This is especially true for widows, widowers, and parents who have lost children. While you aren’t obliged to find another partner or try for another baby, you are within the realm of reason to be happy again. Forgive yourself from the guilt that weighs you down. The past shouldn’t be the only basis for your happiness and those who love you won’t want to see you forever grieving.

Moving on is not about forgetting or disregarding the memory of your loved one. It is in honoring what good they have brought into your life and giving yourself the same amount of respect and understanding that you’ve offered your dearly departed. That said; it’s okay to live again even after their death.