It’s Time You Get Your Payroll as Systematic as Possible

Posted on Nov 19 2015 - 12:00am by Expert-Zine

PayrollAnybody telling you the data on your payroll system is not important must be referring to the times of the pirates when workers are paid by loot and stolen treasures. Chances are, there’s no information more talked about and more contested than those numbers written on the payroll of your company.

This is exactly why getting your payroll system in consonance with the digital age is vital.

Critical Payroll

If you don’t think payroll accuracy is important, try deleting one digit in a worker’s pay. You could have an employee fuming mad at your door in no time. Truth to tell, there may never be a more important data for an employee than the numbers your payroll carry — and never one so prone to error.

According to online business pundit Insperity, there are easy ways to sabotage one’s payroll process. Among these are:

  • Missing tax deposits and filing deadlines,
  • Mishandling of SSS numbers and employee names
  • Incorrect rates

A closer look reveals that for the most part, these errors can easily be classified as human errors, or errors done by those people handling the payroll system. While all these mistakes are possible, the good news is these are largely preventable.

Getting Things in Order

Apparently, all the details can be confusing. When you talk about tax updates, employee calendars, and pay slips to name a few, it could add up in no time.

That’s why using payment system software is the best solution to streamline the payroll process. With such software, you are ensured that your employees get their pay as accurate as possible.

With this system in, you get better integration as you could have automatic linking from your timesheet systems. This means as data from employee hours worked is transferred into the payroll system directly, your employees get paid exactly the hour rendered. Additionally, a payroll system can be linked to payment systems generating pay in a jiffy.

Now, you not only get payroll accuracy, you also get speedy pay delivery. In the process, you become as systematic as systematic can be.