Make the Move: The Signs You’re Ready to Move in Together

Posted on Jul 26 2018 - 1:00am by Expert-Zine

couple happily moving in togetherOne of the most exciting milestones in a relationship is moving in together. Even if you think you’re already meant for each other, it is important that you take time to sit down and discuss this matter thoroughly.

Moving in together is a major chapter in your life as a couple. But there are several factors that you need to consider before you come up with your decision such as your careers and finances.

Deciding when to move in is a little complicated because there’s no exact or right time. You should evaluate your relationship and look for signs that say you’re ready to live together.

You’ve Spent More Time Together

One of the signs you are ready to move in together is when you have been spending most of your days together at each other’s places. It is also a good sign if you can survive major disagreements because it is essential when you started living under one roof.

To help you further, perhaps you may want to give it a trial run in your present living situation before getting a new apartment. If you’re able to manage difficult conversations and tolerate small quirks and habits, then it’s time to go look for new apartments for sale.

Brisbane is a great place to live in. Citro West End says that living in this area gives residents access to many transport options including bikes, buses and trains. Brisbane real estate experts can help you go through the renting process and make it easier for you to secure your first home.

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You’re Financially Ready and Already Past Your Honeymoon Phase

Money often causes a major strain in relationships — whether it’s the abundance or lack of it. It plays a big role when moving in together but it presents a really big challenge for couples.

Often, people don’t want to be upfront about money, until there’s a major issue. This can seriously affect trust and respect for each other. Before moving in, it necessary that you already have a commitment to transparency regarding money matters in place.

Moreover, many emotionally charged couples jump into moving in together because it seemed to make sense. Don’t let your emotions affect your decision-making. You have to be on your most objective mind when making such a big decision, one that entails a major life adjustment.

The honeymoon phase usually lasts for six months to a year. If you’re still in that period you may consider postponing your decision of moving in together. The right time to move in together depends on the maturity of your relationship and as individuals.