Making Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

Posted on Sep 15 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

a wedding marquee lined with greeneryWhen you’re thinking about getting married, you can’t help but compare your theme and decor with other weddings. However, you could make your wedding unique and less expensive.
There is one more reason you should look at other weddings and wedding suggestions: to find alternatives to what you want that won’t cost as much. Here are some ideas to help you organize the wedding of your dreams minus the costly expenses.

Borrow and Rent, Don’t Buy

You don’t have to buy things that you will only use once. If you can find a rental service for chairs and tables for the wedding and the reception, it’s best that you rent them. Table and chair rentals in Minneapolis is far cheaper than buying, and at least you can be sure about the quality, arrangement, and style.

Do it Outdoors

If you can, do have your wedding outdoors. You could choose to have it in a lovely garden, a park or even a pool. Doing it outdoors gives it a special color and atmosphere.

You could choose a clear span tent if you want to have it under starry skies, or you could drape the tents elegantly to give your event some glamour.

Use More Greenery

You need flowers for any wedding, but if you buy a lot of flowers, they can cost a lot of money. Use greenery and ornamental plants as decoration, so you won’t have to spend more on flowers. Choose select tables and areas to have your special bouquets.

Your wedding is not a reason to clear out your savings or go into debt. It’s the start of your family life, and you could find ways to save but still create a special event.

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