Marrying Mobility with Wide Reach Using Fleet Vehicle Graphics: A Winning Combination

Posted on Oct 13 2015 - 1:28am by Expert-Zine

Car AdvertisingPeople spend a lot of time on the road, some as much as 18 hours a week. While traditional outdoor advertising such as billboards and posters work well, they can be expensive. Moreover, they are static and do only the one thing.

Think about fleet vehicle graphics and you can instantly see why they have several advantages over the usual advertising venues.


With a fleet of vehicles on hand, using them for branding is like hitting two or even three birds with one stone. You get your business done, like delivery or people transport, and you spread the word about your company.

This is the best feature of organic advertising, because you are telling people what your company is all about by actually doing it. The nice thing about it is you are getting a lot of exposure, but not your vehicle. The vehicle wrap protects the paint of your vehicle from the elements, increasing its resale value. It really is a win-win situation.


Another advantage of fleet vehicle graphics is the cost. A well-made vehicle wrap may seem expensive at first. You can cut corners and get it done cheaply, but you really should not. Remember that it is representing your brand, and you do not want to give the wrong impression.

Get an experienced graphics designer to do your fleet vehicle graphics right for you. Considering you will not have to rent a billboard or other advertising space, you are already ahead.


When you do your advertising on a vehicle, you know that it is going places. More people will see it because it is not stuck in one place. This means a lot of exposure over a wide area on a daily basis. It is hard to beat that.

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In case you are not in the transport business, you can always rent space from one such firm. You have to pay for that, but the return on investment can be huge.

Fleet vehicle graphics combine mobility and wide reach. Barring erecting a huge ad on a high-traffic area, which is extremely expensive, this is your best bet to reaching a bigger audience.