Money Saving Tips When Traveling to Switzerland

Posted on Jun 9 2018 - 1:00am by Alonzo Callahan

Swiss Alps TourThe words “Switzerland” and “budget” are not often used in the same sentence and for good reason.  The World Economic Forum recently published a Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report which ranks 141 countries based on how expensive or cheap it is to travel there. Not surprisingly, Switzerland is ranked first among the most expensive countries in the world to visit. Indeed, many travelers skip Switzerland despite the possibility of magnificent Alpine hiking, skiing, and many others. How does one visit Switzerland on a budget? Here are three practical tips.

Go for mountain huts and pensions

US-based travel agency Alpenwild would advise to plan ahead. Alpine hiking can cause a dent in your budget without comprehensive planning. One of the best ways to experience the majestic Alps and save at the same time is to stay at inexpensive mountain inns and huts high in the mountains. The majority of these inns and huts offer rustic dorm-style accommodations or mountain inns. They offer a clean place to rest and sleep, hot home-cooked meals, and jaw-dropping view of the Swiss Alps.

Stay with locals

Accommodation cost, like most travel costs in Switzerland, is notoriously expensive. The cheapest dorm room in the country is a whopping 40 dollars per night. If you want to make your money last and experience more, it is a must to lower accommodation cost. It will save you a while lot of money if you stay with locals. Prior to booking any accommodation, go online and look for a service that will enable you stay with locals for free. Not only will you save a lot, you can also take advantage of the tips from the locals. How’s that for a truly Swiss experience?

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Don’t drink

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun, but when a beer costs 8 CHF (or 8.10 USD), it is not very smart. If you feel you must drink, stick to hostel bars where there is likely cheaper drinks that go four around 5 CHF. Practice moderation to save more.

Traveling is one of the ways you can enrich your life. Despite being expensive, Switzerland is still a must-see tourist spot. Enjoy Switzerland on a budget by following these three simple tips.