Motorised and Retrofit Blinds: Which One Is Smarter for Smart Homes?

Posted on Dec 7 2016 - 1:50pm by Admin

BlindsSince the introduction of wireless internet, it was only a matter of time before everything has been granted access. Computers have become so small that technology is no longer answering the question of whether it could, but rather if it should.

From light bulbs to coffee mugs, every single aspect of home living is now due for a ‘smart’ upgrade, and companies are falling over each other to patent the next best thing, quality be damned. So, in a sea of supposedly ‘smart’ products, how does a consumer fish for one that works?

Simple, you just go for the product that fulfils technology’s purpose in the first place: making life easier. In the case of smart windows, homeowners need to be wary of products too smart for their own good, because more often than not, they end up being too expensive to justify their straightforward purpose.

Begin by selecting a smart window cover, of which there are two types: motorised and retrofit shades. Note the following distinctions between these types of electric window blinds:

  1. The price. Motorised shades are more expensive (above £100) than their retrofit counterparts (below £100), and for good reason. A motorised window blind is self-contained and more reliable, which is well worth the price for homeowners with money to spare.
  2. The integration. Users of motorised shades benefit from its greater compatibility with existing smart home tech. Retrofit devices, as their name suggests, can upgrade windows to be ‘smart’, but never to a level comparable with motorised products, which are already ‘smart’ by design.
  3. The longevity. One of the biggest problems manufacturers face is integration — creating products that will work with a variety of others. This is the purpose of interconnected ‘smart’ technology, after all. Companies have yet to iron out the kinks, so consumers may need to conduct research themselves to find a device that works.
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Technology is taking over nearly all aspects of modern life. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the transition can indeed be daunting. For homeowners, ‘smart’ windows prove to be logical investments whenever they need to see the way the world is changing.