Moving a Half-Pipe: A Brief Guide

Posted on Oct 6 2016 - 3:19am by Expert-Zine

Half-Pipe in Orange CountyIdeally, a half-pipe is assembled at the point of use. However, there are times when you need to transport it. Examples of such scenarios are relocation or change of plans. This is when you realize just how difficult this task can be, especially if the ramp is already assembled.

Fortunately, you have three options to make this job easier and faster.

Disassemble the Half-Pipe

This is the easiest transportation method, although it can take a long time. You will pay less because you need a smaller truck when all the pieces are bundled together. It is also the safest option, considering that carrying the ramp as it is can affect its structural integrity.

Break It into Main Parts

Generally, the half-pipe has three parts: the bridge and its two ends. However, this does not mean you cannot come across one with more sections, especially in other half-pipes for sale. The most important point here is that you can separate these parts to make transportation easier. While it may not be as easy as the first method, it ensures stable movement. With the good roads in Orange County, transportation will not be much of a struggle. Your concern should turn to joining up the sections at your destination.

Haul the Half-Pipe

Due to structural concerns or other reasons, you may want to carry equipment as it is. In that case, you need a hauling truck, the kind that carries huge cargo boats, swimming pools, concrete slabs, and so on. Along with the truck, you will also need to hire a crane to lift the half-pipe. This method also comes with pilot cars for warning other road users. In short, this method can be very expensive.

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Moving a half-pipe may not be the best thing, but sometimes you just need to do it. It is important to choose a transportation method carefully, considering factors such as budget and ramp state.